Hello! *waves* If you’re wondering who runs this place, that would be me.


I’ve been stringing words together ever since I can remember. I love to see them explode on a page and drip with emotion, to create a new world and adventure with a few (million) taps of my fingers on a keyboard. I have an obsession with notebooks, and I dream up stories constantly, but more than that — I dream up future plans and goals. At any given moment, you can find me knee (or neck) deep in some sort of project.


Something about this great wide world inspires me and keeps my heart beating. Rain is the rhythm of my dance, stardust and sunrises are my oxygen, and I live off the wild beauty of life. Mountain heights and oceans leave me breathless, and I have bit of a case of internal/external wanderlust.


Plot twists and beautiful book covers and cheese pizza send me into fits of ecstasy. I might photobomb, drag you out into a thunderstorm, and if I know you, I’m liable to tease mercilessly and be terribly sarcastic.


I like to try and write about things that can’t be described with words — namely the feeling of hope when there is none and that moment when the sun slips into the ocean and shoots up a green flash. And I’m utterly convinced that my heart will be restless until it rests with my Lord.


young adult | believer of hope | rebelutionary | aspiring indie author | writer with too many dreams | Audrey Caylin is my penname | I get lost in my head sometimes | I love people and learning new things


If you stick around for a while, you’ll get to know more of this person I call “Me” and the dreams I’m chasing.



Audrey Caylin is a full-time dreamer and aspiring independent author, living on words and the wild beauty of life. Somewhere along the way, she began searching for green flashes during sunsets and embraced a mission to bring hope to the world through her writing. Being a ghostwriter for God is now her greatest joy and honor as she weaves stories of faith and feeling for other young adults. When she’s not writing or dreaming, she’ll probably be driving along the west coast with the windows rolled down or with her face tilted to the sky on a rainy day.



P.S. One of the reasons I started blogging was to connect with other readers and writers. So… drop me a comment (or three) and leave a link to your blog! I love to meet new people, and will give you a cup of unending gratitude for reading my blog.


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