Hello, fellow storyteller! Do you have a novel that needs critiquing?


As a writer myself, I know it’s often difficult to find someone to critique your work, especially someone who can provide honest and encouraging feedback. I’d like to put myself out there as someone who can help you with that.


One thing I’ve discovered about myself is that I love editing. Besides writing itself, there’s nothing I enjoy more than delving into someone else’s story. I love getting lost in other worlds and befriending the characters there, and I love analyzing stories to learn what works, what doesn’t, and why.


To that end, I offer free critique services here. Shoot me an email or keep scrolling to learn more!




Q. Does critiquing work like beta reading?

A. Yes! Essentially, it’s exactly the same. You tell me you want certain feedback on your novel or just the first ten pages, and I give it.


Q. What sort of feedback do you give?

A. Whatever you want me to give! Your wish is my command 😉 I can look for scenes that lag, plot twists that need more foreshadowing, characters in need of complexity, sentences that seem off, etc. However, I don’t do specific line-edits or proofreads.


Q. What genres do you critique?

A. I read just about anything in the YA or MG range, provided that it’s clean fiction. I especially love everything on the speculative side, though I also read historical and contemporary.


Q. What genres do you NOT critique?

I do not critique Adult Fiction, Paranormal, or Romance. Additionally, I reserve the right to stop reading any manuscripts that contains excessive swearing, violence, or explicit scenes. If you have any questions about this, please message me.


Q. What length manuscripts do you critique?

A. I mainly critique full-length novels under 250,000 words, but I also can critique just the first ten pages of your novel.


Q. How long does it usually take you to critique a novel?

A. It depends on the length. If it’s under 30,000 words, about 2 weeks is standard. In general, I need about 4-6 weeks to read the novel, polish my comments, and summarize my feedback. I’m able to adjust depending on what you need.


Q. Do you read every manuscript you’re sent?

A. I wish I could, but no, I cannot. I’m only human 😛 Life happens, I get busy, and I might have to turn down a manuscript. However, if you really want me to critique your novel, I can let you know when I should be available again.


Q. Do you work with both Microsoft Word and Google docs?

A. I only work with Microsoft Word at this time because of how I provide my feedback. I tend to make shorthand notes the first time through, then go back and provide more detailed and useful feedback. Giving my critique on Microsoft Word allows me to work quicker and more efficiently 🙂

NOTE: I will be using the comments feature in Microsoft Word, as well as Track Changes to correct any grammar or make longer notes at the end of chapters. Don’t worry — I don’t use red text. That’s for when I’m an actual editor 😉


Q. Do you require any special formatting?

A. For novels, no, I do not. But for ten page critiques, the manuscript must be double spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font.


Q. Are your services actually free?

A. Yep! Entirely no-charge. All I will ask for is a little review of what you thought of my services, such as “Audrey’s great at pointing out such-and-such” or “she really helped me do this-and-that.”




Audrey has an extraordinary balance of encouragement and critique in her feedback. With an eye for the whole picture as well as the individual scene, she prompted me to dig deeper into the undercurrent of my story — its theme, its heart. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to explore their story and characters on a new level!

~ Melissa Gravitis~


“I was having trouble writing my novella, and Audrey was able to give me some great advice. She’s good at picking out and helping with the little things – like typos or tricky word[ing] – while still being able to make some excellent comments on the big picture.”

~ Savannah Grace ~


“Audrey’s honesty and careful attention to detail significantly helped me in my publishing endeavor. She was truthful when it came to parts that could use help; but she was equally encouraging, pointing out things in the story that she liked. Working with her made eliminating grammatical errors and sprucing up dull areas of writing a breeze!”

~ Riley Aline ~


Audrey is so thorough with her critiques! She finds ways to make the good parts even better, and I found her comments about my characters especially useful. I felt encouraged about the potential that my story held at the end of the process, even with a long list of edits.

~ Katie ~


Audrey was so, so helpful in alpha reading my latest novel!  She has the perfect mix of honesty in telling you what could help growth as a writer, but still getting excited over a scene in the book, which instantly encourages. The amount of notes she left is really going to help me in the editing process! I would 100% recommend Audrey + cannot wait to have her critique my books in the future.

~ Julia Ryan ~




If you’d like me to critique for you, shoot me an email at audreycaylin[at]gmail[dot]com or fill out the form below:

Happy writing!


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