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What’s Going On With My Writng?

I know I’ve given some little updates every now and then and wrap-ups at the end of the month, but I really wanted to do a post where I told you everything that’s going on with my writing. (well, maybe not everything. like how I want to write a first draft and edit two novels at once and how my sequel is MESS right now and i just want to scrap the whole last 25%, which is weird, because it’s…


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My Novel: Ready For Beta Reading

Hello there! If you read my wrap-up from last month, you may have heard my novel is ready for beta reading. What novel? My novel. You know, the one I hardly ever talk about. You mean the one without a synopsis? The one you said you had to rewrite a dozen times? Yes. That one. BUT now I’m actually going to share the synopsis and stuff…. So, if you are interested in beta reading for me, feel free to read…


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The Rebelution

I am a rebelutionary. What does that mean? You’ve seen me describe myself as that and probably wondered if I made the word up. It is made up. Just not by me. Years ago, two brothers named Alex and Brett Harris started blogging about young people rebelling against low expectations. That’s what a rebelutionary is: a young person who goes above and beyond what is expected for the glory of God. I don’t label myself as this to brag. It’s…


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