{INTERVIEW WITH MILLIE FLORENCE} lydia green of mulberry glen blog tour

  Good morning, everyone! Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for Millie Florence’s latest release, Lydia Green of Mulberry Glen! I’ve yet to read any of Millie’s stories, but I know from following her on social media for a while and meeting her in person at Realm Makers last year that her talent and passion for beautiful stories is downright inspiring! I have the honor of interviewing her here today!   But first… you really need to see the cover…


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{GET BACK IN THE BOAT} some thoughts for all writers aching for the deep

  Dear writer,   You’ve been out all night, all week, all month. It goes the same for all of us. We cast our buckets into the creative wells of inspiration tucked deep in the heart and the mind and once, and we pull. We pull up a catch of emotions and thoughts all tangled together and rearrange them on a page in something called story.   Some days it’s light work, and though we’re working alone, the encouragement and…


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{FAITH, INADEQUACY, & GRACE} what God’s been teaching me about writing

  I’ve realized that writing for God is actually a lot scarier and more challenging that I first thought.   Why? Because when you invite God into your writing process, suddenly, you aren’t the only one calling the shots anymore. You aren’t the only author any longer. There is a much greater Author there with you, and he’s just as interested as you are in your character’s arc and personality type, that plot twist that’s going to shock readers, and…



{I PUBLISHED A BOOK—FOR FELICITY LAUNCH} synopsis, giveaway, and all the info

Hello my friends! Happy New Year!   I have a SUPER cool announcement today that I’ve been dying to tell you about for several weeks now:   I published a book.   *insert me running around and screaming*   How can this be? Why haven’t I said anything about it? What is this book?   To start with the last question, it’s actually a short story. It came in right around 4k. I planned to print it out as a…



{HOW FEAR CAN UNLOCK THE SOUL OF YOUR STORY} utilizing your protagonist’s deepest fear to unveil the heart of the character arc

. Fear. The often unnoticed or else ignored shadow lingering behind characters or even right beside them as they attempt to achieve their story goal. . As I was pondering stories in general a while ago, it struck me how many times characters are afraid within the overarching stories they live in. How many times they’re glancing over their shoulders, fighting back old memories, and purposefully avoiding certain situations even when it endangers their lives. . These fears are always…


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{HOW TO BE A JOYFUL WRITER} tips for rediscovering joy in your passion

  Sometimes being a writer is the most exhilarating experience in the world…   And other times, being a writer can be the most miserable thing ever.   If you’ve written for a consider amount of time, you’ve probably experienced this: flying…then falling. Having the most amazing writing day ever only to hit rock bottom the next morning. Or, worse, to be having the time of your life one moment, then the next, become incredibly depressed and discouraged about your…


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{WHY YOU SHOULDN’T PUBLISH YOUR BOOK} three reasons that beautiful dream of yours is bigger than you thought

  What is the primary reason you’re writing your book right now?   If you ask a bunch of unpublished (and published) authors this question, you’ll probably get an answer like “the idea is cool, I love writing it…and I want to get it published.”   It’s weird to realize that I never started thinking like that until several years ago. Before that, I was repulsed by the idea of publication. Putting my ideas out there for the world to…


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