I talk about a lot of things (check out my archive). BUT if you want specifics…


I’ll most often ramble and rant about writing. Writing tips, things I’m learning, my journey as an aspiring independent author… and if I’m feeling really bold, I’ll share some of my precioussssss writing (I might just be impersonating Gollum there. maybe.)


Sometimes (a lot) I’m inclined to talk about life/faith. With lots of parenthesis and side stories and random deep thoughts that I promise you I don’t think up specifically for these posts.


Or I might fangirl about books. Talk about Blades of Acktar, the Out of Time series, or Ilyon Chronicles and I will flail with you eternally.



Once upon a time, I decided I wanted a blog. The end. xD


No, actually, it’s more than that! I mainly started my blog to build a platform for when I eventually publish and to meet other writers like myself. It’s turned into so much more than that though.


If you didn’t notice already, there’s this little thing called hope I’m trying to spread in the world. A simple laugh, a smile, a thank you — that’s hope, a light in the darkness. With my blog, I can reach people in a really unique way.


Simply said, this blog is here for you.


Yep, you, whoever is reading this. I might talk about my own journeys, but I share them because I want to inspire, uplift, and encourage other people. Or just make them smile 😉




Every Saturday morning! I live and die schedules, so if I’m going to miss a day, you’ll probably hear from me first xD Sometimes I do mid-week surprise posts, but I always do an end of the month wrap-up.



How do I write my posts? Oh, well, I sit down at my desk and type 😛 It’s that easy… and that hard.


Or I write them in my head while I’m out and about.



If you’re intrigued by all this and me, here are a few posts which my fellow dreamers around here really like, so I hope you enjoy as well!




{DREAMS AND CALLINGS} the best is yet to come