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February 2018


*gasp* Yes, I’m doing a tag! I figured it was about time. Riley tagged me a few weeks ago and since I like to get creative when I use tags, I’m also using Catherine‘s questions. A huge shoutout to them for tagging me for the Liebster Award! I’d highly encourage you to check out their wonderful blogs 😊   THE RULES ~ Thank the person who nominated you. ~ Answer the 11 questions they gave you. ~ Name 11 facts…



{HOW DID YOU MEET WRITING?} the importance of your writing love story

Do you remember how you met writing?   I can recall the moment when I was six years old and walked up to my mom, saying, “I want to write a book.” I wish I could remember why I said that; instead, I remember having my mom help me write a story on construction paper and title it “The Hotel That Burned Down.”   After that, writing stories was always something I did. I didn’t think about it: I just…



{EXCITING NEWS} critique services + the future

HELLO MY FRIENDS. Today I have a TON of exciting news and updates to share with you…so much that I had to put it into a blog post rather than a P.S. or a newsletter. A lot of this has been brewing in my busy little mind for a while and I’m SO PUMPED to finally tell you what’s happening.   Thus, I’m going to spend this whole post talking about 1) my exciting announcement *distant shrieking* and 2) my…