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December 2017

{WRAPPING UP THE YEAR} farewell to 2017

Christmas music is playing in my ears right now as I scroll through my blog, looking at the archives, reading old comments, and realizing how far I’ve come since last year.   In other words, hello, I’m back! Merry Christmas! December was a rather insane month, and it seems like forever since I’ve been blogging.   Before 2017 vanishes, I want to look back at the year one more time. There was SO MUCH that happened in this year that…



{NOVEMBER WRAP UP} nano happened + hiatus notice

    OKAY WHO STOLE 2017???? Because DECEMBER is here *screams* While that means Advent and Christmas it also means NEW YEARS which = 2018 —> and I am NOT ready for 2018. (mainly because I’m still recovering from being overwhelmed by 2017 so I’m not ready for the overwhelming-ness of 2018 xD)         This month was, obviously, one word: NaNoWriMo. I was going to do a daily vlog thing (I’ve seen Katie and Savannah do this),…


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