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{C U R R E N T L Y} (aka: abbriviated May wrap-up)

(updated 5/29 I’m a bit under the weather, so this post is going to count as my wrap-up. I’ll be back on Saturday though! <3) Just because I’m dead tired this week and have never done a post like this but have always wanted to…. I give you a snippet of my life 😉 Currently…. WRITING Too. Many. Words. xD I started rewriting Found several weeks ago, armed with a hefty outline. I thought that outline was going to be…


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Why Every Writer Should Be A Beta Reader

Beta reading — I didn’t used to think about it much before I started writing seriously. (Fact About Me: I used to be jealous of the people who got to beta read my favorite books. still am. I mean, they got to read that book for free and give their opinion on it 😉 Then, last September, when I got my flash of inspiration to start spending hours a day at a keyboard (that’s how it went) I started thinking…


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It’s A Journey

picture from pinterest Life seems to be a lot about destinations. You know, finish high school. Graduate college. Get married. Retire. Or, on a smaller level: finish that book, get through that school year, make it to that date. That’s why people have bucket lists, I guess. So they can cross off important events in their lives that they’ve accomplished. It does feel good to cross everything off your list. I use lists a lot, and I know the feeling.…


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The #VoicesofYA tag

  Okay, so Caitlin @Quills and Coffee tagged me for this EPIC tag and OMW I’m so excited! Thank you, Caitlin! THE RULES: Thank the person who tagged you Link to the original creator Answer the ten questions Tag at LEAST two other YA writers/bloggers ABOUT THE WRITERS: What draws you to YA? Probably the fact that I’m a young adult/teenager myself xD I don’t read much MG, and I definitely don’t read adult or much NA, so YA is…