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December 2016

The Rebelution

I am a rebelutionary. What does that mean? You’ve seen me describe myself as that and probably wondered if I made the word up. It is made up. Just not by me. Years ago, two brothers named Alex and Brett Harris started blogging about young people rebelling against low expectations. That’s what a rebelutionary is: a young person who goes above and beyond what is expected for the glory of God. I don’t label myself as this to brag. It’s…


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Follow Friday (1)

I just found out about something called Follow Friday. Check it out here and here. It’s a wonderful way to get more followers and find new blogs! I copied and pasted some of the rules onto this page, but you can get more on one of the hosts’ websites   HOW DOES THE #FF WORK? The goal is to increase blog followers, make friends and have something to post. You create your own post using the post prompt. You leave…