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November 2016

A Time to Rest

It’s ironic that I’m writing this during NaNo, but the topic of rest has been on my heart a lot this week.  (Pictures from Pinterest) (If you haven’t already guessed from my use of references from the Out of Time series, I’m reading them right now. Awesome books.) Rest We writers really work ourselves hard. There are always stories ideas or editing worries or character arcs spinning around in our heads. Maybe you’re an artist who’s always planning your next…



NaNoWriMo, Writer Rants, and Some Updates….

Yay!!!! It’s National Novel Writing Month!!!! *throws confetti*  (Pictures from Pinterest) NaNoWriMo To make a blogfession, I didn’t know about NaNo until this past year (*horrified scream in background*). Once I looked it up and found that writers to NaNo is like cats to catnip, I was hooked. Then I looked at all my WIPs and groaned. So many ideas. So many unplotted novels. And a self-made deadline of finishing Found by the end of November.  I plan to watch…


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