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November 2016

This Past Month: November

(a.k.a. craziest writing month of my life) Welcome to the end of this beautiful month of November. It’s been a crazy month. Blogging, writing, school, living, being thankful…. I want to take a moment to reflect back on these past 30 days.  (Pictures from Pinterest. One last fall leaf spam) Writing Writing has probably been the biggest part of my life this November. I’ve never had a month when I wrote so much. Coming into November, I’d been working on…


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Almost December!!!!!!!

First off, can you believe that!?! It’s Christmas next month, people!! 2017 is almost here!!!!! I know. I’m way ahead of the season right now. *clears throat politely* How was your Thanksgiving?  (Pictures from Pinterest) (I know I’m spamming you with fall leaves right now) Thanksgiving   My Thanksgiving was filled with some very yummy food, typical panic moments, and lots of giving thanks. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that we just designate one day a year to…


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hadn’t planned to write this post (you may not even be reading it on Thanksgiving), but I just woke up this morning and looked around blogsphere. So many other people were spreading the joy of thankfulness, and I suddenly couldn’t contain mine either. So I just had to write a late post XD  (Pictures from Pinterest) Everyone’s with their family and friends today, and even if you aren’t, here’s a spreading of joy and thankfulness from me to you.…



One Week Of NaNo

 So last week I started Nanowrimo eleven days in. You heard that I panicked and went insane, and you’re probably wondering about my mental health after a decision about that. 😉 Here it is: ….. XD That just about sums up how I am right now. I even decided to take the day off from writing because I’m so brain-dead and just can’t do it today. But I’m proud of myself for surviving this late start. Here’s a summary of…


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I Think I’ve Gone Over the Edge = NaNo + Snakes? & A Storyboard Reveal

I have officially gone over the edge. I’ve been talking about rest and waiting to do NaNo lately. But no. Apparently, the plot bunnies aren’t going to let it go like that. So let me tell you the story of how I decided to do NaNo after eleven days in. It starts with snakes.  (Pictures from Pinterest)    Snakes + Bunnies = NaNo My school had a fieldtrip to the Zoo the other day. It was great there (obviously XD)…


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