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October 2016

My Writing Process

My writing process… wow. That’s a big topic. Over the past three years in which I’ve been ‘writing seriously’ I’ve learned a lot. I’m constantly changing it and trying new things, but here’s a basic overview of how I spend my days write, in a few basic steps. #1 The Idea   Aughhhhhh! *cue frustrated scream* For some reason, this is always the hardest part for me. I know, I know. The idea is the book. But I usually get…


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Dream Writing

It’s a total fact about me in my family: I have weird dreams. Sometimes I’m climbing down a cliff. Sometimes I’m almost getting in a car crash. Or sometimes… I think you get it. It’s crazy. However, a little while ago, I had a dream that surpassed all others.It involved those alien dudes from the first Avengers movie.Now, I haven’t watched that movie in ages (call me weird). So how did those guys get in my dream?!?And how did a character…


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Welcome Post

 (Pictures from Pinterest) Hi. Welcome to my new blog. I hope you enjoy what you find here. But first, let’s start with the basics. Why did I start this blog? For a long time now, it’s been a dream of mine to publish a book one day. Writing is a way of life for me. I can’t imagine living without it. In my search for good books, I’ve discovered what I like and don’t like, and set off to contribute…